ggplot2 is a grammar of graphics, a coherent system for describing and building graphs.



  1. Data visulization with ggplot2
  2. ggfortify - plot some popular R packages with ggplot2
  3. geom_map
  4. geom_sf - ggplot2 working with simple feature and the simple feature package for geo-spatial analysis
  5. ggmap - raster map tiles from popular online mapping services
  6. interactive maps and charts with R


  1. Plot the daily bike counts with ggplot2; Experiement with different options (bar, line, etc) and select the one works best for you;
  2. Plot weekly, monthly, and annual bike counts for the three bridges;
  3. Now think about and try out different ways to plot weather information along with your daily bike counts (separately or together);
  4. You can combine time series stats and ggplot2/ggfortify to plot seasonal variation, trend and noise separately. See here for an example of how to do this.

Sample code


  1. ggplot2 tutorial by Dr. Jenny Bryan
  2. R4DS Graphics for communication
  3. The ggplot2 Cheat Sheet - RStudio
  4. R Graphics Cookbook