1. R Markdown gallery
  2. Software Carpentry R Markdown lesson
  3. Beyond documents
    1. Write Books: example
    2. Create websites with blogdown: example
    3. Presentation: example
    4. Create dashboards with flexdashboard
    5. Writing Vignettes for a package: example
    6. Create a package website: example
  4. Host your html files with Github Pages


  1. Create a R Markdown report for your class project that includes description and code for each of the import, tidy, transform, visualize and modeling steps; save to the docs folder of your RStudio project and render it into html;
  2. Select three of your best graphics you created in the Visualization session and create a dashboard for them;
  3. Commit your report and dashboard and push them to your github repo
  4. Setup your GitHub Pages for your report and dashboard, add the URL of your Github Pages to the wiki page of datascience2018 repo


  1. R Markdown from RStudio
  2. R Markdown Cheatsheet
  3. R Markdown Basics